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Event ID: 9562492
Event Name: MLS 2018
Event Type Cal South Sanctioned CCAP Programs
Restricted: None
Requires Register: Yes
Requires Payment: Yes
Start Date: 5/4/2018
End Date: 6/3/2018
Payments Accepted:   Discover,Mastercard,Visa
Event Location:
Torrey Hills Park - Large field
4260 Calle Mejillones
San Diego, CA 92130-2681

Primary Contact:
Kelly McDonald
(858) 794-8404 (Work)
(858) 794-8404 (Home)
We have revamped our MLS program to provide additional skills training for our players.  This program will run on Fridays and Sundays.  Friday sessions will be comprised of a 1 hour training session, which includes a dynamic warm-up followed by technical skills and fun games!  Sunday sessions will include a recap on some of the basic skills followed by small-sided games.  All of our sessions will be coached by our professional coaching staff in the hopes of providing our recreational players with a stronger foundation of technical skills and a better understanding of the game.
Each player will receive a t-shirt. 
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