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    Cal South Appeal Submission
    Cal South Rules and Regulations:
    1.5.7 Transfer Request Appeals: Appeals of contested transfer requests shall be heard by Cal South. (Added August 2013)
 The request for an appeal shall be initiated by the player through the completion of the electronic Player Transfer Appeal Form to Cal South within three (3) days of notification that the request is contested. The reason for requesting an appeal must be clearly and fully stated. If no timely appeal is initiated within the three (3) day period, the transfer request shall be denied. (Added August 2013)
 A $100.00 fee payable to Cal South must accompany requests for appeals. In the event the contested transfer is allowed, the account of the contesting releasing club shall be charged the $100.00 fee and the appealing player shall receive a refund of the appeal fee. The accepting club, if the transfer is approved, shall be charged a transfer fee as determined and published by Cal South. (Added August 2013)
 Cal South may, but is not required, to hold a hearing on the appeal in its sole discretion. If it is determined that a hearing is necessary, the parties shall be informed of the date and time of the hearing and shall be given five (5) minutes per side to present their position. If a party does not intend to present oral argument that party shall notify Cal South. The parties shall be notified by Cal South of the decision on the appeal. (Added August 2013)
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Cal South Office
1029 S Placentia Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831-5105
Primary Contact
Asg Staff
(714) 778-2972
(714) 778-2972
(714) 778-2972
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