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Event Types & Programs:

  • Banquets
  • Registration
  • Sanctioned (CCAP) Programs
  • Sanctioned Leagues
  • Coaching Education Course
  • Seminar
  • New Referee Entry Courses
  • Subscription
  • Referee Re-Certification Modules
  • Appeal Submission
  • Referee Professional Development (RPD)
  • Youth Camps & Clinics
  • Referee Grade Upgrade Courses
  •  Referee Indoor or Futsal

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Event Type Description:
- Appeal Submissions
– Submit a Cal South appeal.

- Banquets – Register to purchase a ticket to a banquet or special event
- Coaching Education – Register for Cal South Coaching certification courses and specialty clinics.
- New Referee Entry Courses
– Register for Cal South USSF First time (entry) Referee education and courses.
- Referee Re-Certification Classes & Modules
– Cal South USSF Returning Referee Re-Certification courses.

- Referee Grade Upgrade CoursesRegister to attend an upgrade course to move up a referee grade level.

- Referee Professional Development (RPD)Physical fitness training & instruction for referees seeking to advance.
- Registration -
Register as a Volunteer or Support Staff for a special event.

- Sanctioned Camps, Clinics & Academy Player Programs (CCAP) - Register for a youth sanctioned Cal South Clinics, Camps and Player Development training activities, sessions or tryouts. For a complete list click here:

- Sanctioned Leagues – Register for an Official Cal South Youth Recreation or Competitive League.
- Seminar
Register to attend a special Seminar or Symposium.
- Subscription
Subscribe or Register for to the Cal South Coaches Association.

- Youth Camps & ClinicsRegister for a camp or clinic

If you have any questions, please call 714-778-2972

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