2015 STATE CUP Governors Division YOUNGERS U8-13 by Sports Authority
Venue: FrancesRyan Park

Venue Information
Venue: FrancesRyan Park
Address: 450 Hidden Trails Rd
Escondido, CA  920275333
View Map: Google Map
Web Site: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Frances+Ryan+Park/@33.1505073,-117.0284036,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x334b47b42410a3e4!8m2!3d33.1505073!4d-117.0284036
Directions: Directions are from the I 15 Directions from the I 15 and El Norte Parkway Exit the I 15 at El Norte Parkway heading East Continue on El Norte Parkway for 6 miles to Valley Parkway. Continue straight ahead - El Norte Parkway becomes Hidden Trails Rd Ryan Park is behind Valley High School on the left. Directions: from the I 15 and the 78 Take 78 east to the end of freeway. Turn right on Broadway Turn left on Washington - continue about 4 miles to El Norte Parkway and make a right. El Norte Parkway becomes Hidden Trails Rd after the Valley Parkway intersection. The fields are on the left just past Valley High School. NO DOGS AND NO FLYING DRONES ALLOWED AT PARK! Parking Fee: $10.00 per day. Dick's Sporting Goods is the official State Cup merchandise retailer. No Cash, only credit card payments accepted.

Fields At This Venue
No Field Name Description Status Schedule
01 Ryan Park 1 7v7 OPEN --
02 Ryan Park 2 7v7 OPEN Schedule
03 Ryan Park 3 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
04 Ryan Park 4 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
05 Ryan Park 5 7v7 OPEN Schedule
06 Ryan Park 6 7v7 OPEN Schedule
07 Ryan Park 7 Medium 9v9 OPEN Schedule
08 Ryan Park 8 Medium 9v9 OPEN Schedule
09 Ryan Park 9 7v7 OPEN --
10 Ryan Park 10 7v7 OPEN --
m01 Ryan Park 1 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m02 Ryan Park 2 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m03 Ryan Park 3 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN Schedule
m04 Ryan Park 4 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m05 Ryan Park 5 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m06 Ryan Park 6 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m07 Ryan Park 7 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m08 Ryan Park 8 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
s01A Ryan Park 1A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s01B Ryan Park 1B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s02A Ryan Park 2A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s02B Ryan Park 2B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s03A Ryan Park 3A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s03B Ryan Park 3B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s04A Ryan Park 4A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s04B Ryan Park 4B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s05A Ryan Park 5A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s05B Ryan Park 5B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s06A Ryan Park 6A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s06B Ryan Park 6B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s07A Ryan Park 7A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s07B Ryan Park 7B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s08A Ryan Park 8A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s08B Ryan Park 8B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s10A Ryan Park 10A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s10B Ryan Park 10B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s11A Ryan Park 11A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s12A Ryan Park 12A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s12B Ryan Park 12B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --