2019 CS National Cup Olders
Venue: Silverlakes Sports Complex Norco

Venue Information
Venue: Silverlakes Sports Complex Norco
Address: 5555 Hamner Avenue
Norco, CA  92880
View Map: Google Map
Web Site: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Silverlakes+Sports+Complex/@33.9518958,-117.5598623,15.33z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80dcca03a783526d:0x7090e90e7dfd428e!8m2!3d33.9525097!4d-117.5545566
Directions: PARKING FEE $12.00 at this venue. NO ANIMALS OR PETS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED AT THIS VENUE. If pets are brought in you will be asked to leave immediately. Directions from South San Diego and Coastal Cities: �INTERSTATE 15 NORTH PAST 91 FREEWAY �EXIT #100, 6TH STREET �LEFT ON 6TH STREET �RIGHT ON HAMNER AVE �VENUE SHOULD BE ON THE RIGHT Directions from Los Angeles, West and North: �INTERSTATE 15 SOUTH PAST 60 FREEWAY �EXIT LIMONITE AVENUE WEST �LEFT ON HAMNER AVE �VENUE SHOULD BE ON THE LEFT Dick's Sporting Goods is the official State Cup merchandise retailer. No Cash, only credit card payments accepted.

Fields At This Venue
No Field Name Description Status Schedule
01 Silverlake 1 Large Field with Lights OPEN Schedule
02 Silverlake 2 Large Field with Lights OPEN Schedule
03 Silverlake 3 Large Field with Lights OPEN Schedule
04 Silverlake 4 Large Field with Lights OPEN Schedule
05 Silverlake 5 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
06 Silverlake 6 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
07 Silverlake 7 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
08 Silverlake 8 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
09 Silverlake 9 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
10 Silverlake 10 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
11 Silverlake 11 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
12 Silverlake 12 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
13 Silverlake 13 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
14 Silverlake 14 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
15 Silverlake 15 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
16 Silverlake 16 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
17 Silverlake 17 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
18 Silverlake 18 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
19 Silverlake 19 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
20 Silverlake 20 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
21 Silverlake 21 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
22 Silverlake 22 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
23 Silverlake 23 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
24 Silverlake 24 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
m05 Silverlake 5 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m06 Silverlake 6 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m07 Silverlake 7 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m08 Silverlake 8 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m09 Silverlake 9 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m10 Silverlake 10 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m11 Silverlake 11 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m12 Silverlake 12 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m13 Silverlake 13 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m13A Silverlake 13 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m13B Silverlake 13 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m14 Silverlake 14 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m14A Silverlake 14 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m14B Silverlake 14 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m15 Silverlake 15 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m16 Silverlake 16 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m17 Silverlake 17 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m18 Silverlake 18 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m19 Silverlakes 19 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m19A Silverlake 19A Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m19B Silverlake 19B Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m20 Silverlake 20 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m20A Silverlake 20A Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m20B Silverlake 20B Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m21 Silverlake 21 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m21A Silverlake 21A Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m21B Silverlake 21B Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m22A Silverlake 22 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m22B Silverlake 22 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m23 Silverlake 23 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m23A Silverlake 23A Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m23B Silverlake 23B Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m24 Silverlake 24 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m24A Silverlake 24A Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m24B Silverlake 24B Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
s05A Silverlake 5A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s05B Silverlake 5B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s06A Silverlake 6A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s06B Silverlake 6B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s07A Silverlake 7A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s07B Silverlake 7B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s08A Silverlake 8A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s08B Silverlake 8B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s09A Silverlake 9A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s09B Silverlake 9B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s10A Silverlake 10A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s10B Silverlake 10B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s11A Silverlake 11A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s11B Silverlake 11B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s11C Silverlake 11C Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s12A Silverlake 12A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s12B Silverlake 12B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s13A Silverlake 13A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s13B Silverlake 13B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s14A Silverlake 14A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s14B Silverlake 14B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s15A Silverlake 15A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s15B Silverlake 15B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s16A Silverlake 16A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s16B Silverlake 16B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s17A Silverlake 17A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s17B Silverlake 17B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s18A Silverlake 18A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s18B Silverlake 18B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s19A Silverlake 19A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s19B Silverlake 19B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s20A Silverlake 20A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s20B Silverlake 20B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s21A Silverlake 21A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s21B Silverlake 21B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s22A Silverlake 22A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s22B Silverlake 22B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s23A Silverlake 23A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s23B Slverlake 23B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s24A Silverlake 24A Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s24B Silverlake 24B Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s25 Silverlake 25 Small 7v7 OPEN --