US Youth Soccer

2017 USYS Cal South National Cup Olders
Venue: SoCal Sports Complex Oceanside

Venue Information
Venue: SoCal Sports Complex Oceanside
Address: 3302 Senior Center Dr
Oceanside, CA  92056-2691
View Map: Google Map
Web Site:,-117.3149017,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x39c3b94056a9ac54
Directions: Take the I-5 to Oceanside Blvd and go east about 2 miles and turn left on Rancho Del Oro, then take the first left to Senior Center Dr and follow the signs into the parking lot. We will have signage on Oceanside Blvd all the way into the complex. Complex located behind the El Corazon Senior Center. There is a $12 Charge per day for parking. This does include in and out privileges the same day. RV parking is allowed at $25 per day, but NO overnight parking allowed. SoCal Sports Rules - Strictly enforced: No pets, firearms, smoking or alcohol allowed. No flying of any drones, kites, airplanes or helicopters. No artificial noise makers. No kicking or throwing of balls against any fences. Stay off all fences and berms. No use of interior road for any activity, including tent setup. Parking lot speed limit is 15 MPH! Please follow parking attendant directions. Please leave immediately after the last game of the day. Dick's Sporting Goods is the official State Cup merchandise retailer. No Cash, only credit card payments accepted.

Fields At This Venue
No Field Name Description Status Schedule
01 SoCal 1 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
02 SoCal 2 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
03 SoCal 3 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
04 SoCal 4 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
05 SoCal 5 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
06 SoCal 6 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
07 SoCal 7 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
08 SoCal 8 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
09 SoCal 9 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
10 SoCal 10 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
11 SoCal 11 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
12 SoCal 12 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
13 SoCal 13 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
14 SoCal 14 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
15 SoCal 15 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
16 SoCal 16 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
17 SoCal 17 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
18 SoCal 18 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
19 SoCal19 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
20 SoCal 20 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
21 SoCal 21 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
22 SoCal 22 Large 11v11 OPEN Schedule
m01 SoCal 1 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m02 SoCal 2 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m03 SoCal 3 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m04 SoCal 4 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m05 SoCal 5 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m06 SoCal 6 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m07 SoCal 7 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m08 SoCal 8 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m09 SoCal 9 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m10 SoCal 10 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m11 SoCal 11 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m12 SoCal 12 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m13 SoCal 13 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m14 SoCal 14 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m15 SoCal 15 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m16 SoCal 16 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m17 SoCal 18 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m18A SoCal 18A Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m18B SoCal 18B Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m19 SoCal 19 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m20 SoCal 20 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m21 SoCal 21 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
m22 SoCal 22 Medium Medium 9v9 OPEN --
s01 SoCal 1 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s02 SoCal 2 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s03 SoCal 3 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s04 SoCal 4 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s05 SoCal 5 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s06 SoCal 6 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s07 SoCal 7 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s08 SoCal 8 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s09 SoCal 9 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s10 SoCal 10 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s11 SoCal 11 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s12 SoCal 12 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s13 SoCal 13 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s14 SoCal 14 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s15 SoCal 15 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s16 SoCal 16 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s17 SoCal 17 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s18 SoCal 18 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s19 SoCal 19 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s20 SoCal 20 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s21 SoCal 21 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s22 SoCal 22 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s23 SoCal 23 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s24 SoCal 24 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s25 SoCal 25 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s26 SoCal 26 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s27 SoCal 27 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s28 SoCal 28 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s29 SoCal 29 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --
s30 SoCal 30 Small Small 7v7 OPEN --