US Youth Soccer

2019 Cal South State Cup Governors Youngers
VENUE:  SoCal Sports Complex Oceanside
FIELD:  SoCal 30 Small
FIELD#:  s30

  Saturday, January 26, 2019
GameVenueTimeFieldHome TeamScore Away TeamScoreFlight
 746430  SoCal Complex  08:00 AM  s30 Strikers FC North G09 Red RA 0 vs.Central California Aztecs - G094Girls 2009/10U Governors Bracket
 746248  SoCal Complex  09:15 AM  s30 Real So Cal B09 NR White 1 vs.Albion SC South B2009 Academy 14Boys 2009/10U Governors Bracket
 746168  SoCal Complex  10:30 AM  s30 SD Surf Academy Boys (Pizarro) 2009 1 vs.LAGCV B09 Red3Boys 2009/10U Governors Bracket
 746432  SoCal Complex  11:45 AM  s30 STRIKERS FC-NEWPORT MESA G09 ND 5 vs.Strikers FC North G09 Red RA1Girls 2009/10U Governors Bracket
 746250  SoCal Complex  01:00 PM  s30 San Clemente Surf B09 4 vs.Real So Cal B09 NR White2Boys 2009/10U Governors Bracket
 746240  SoCal Complex  02:15 PM  s30 SGV Surf B09 JO 2 vs.SD Surf Academy Boys (Guy) 20091Boys 2009/10U Governors Bracket

  Sunday, January 27, 2019
GameVenueTimeFieldHome TeamScore Away TeamScoreFlight
 746164  SoCal Complex  08:00 AM  s30 Pateadores PYL B2009 Blue 2 vs.SD Surf Academy Boys (Pizarro) 20097Boys 2009/10U Governors Bracket
 746236  SoCal Complex  09:15 AM  s30 Barcelona Santa Paula
Forfeited Game
 0 vs.SGV Surf B09 JO1FBoys 2009/10U Governors Bracket
 746434  SoCal Complex  10:30 AM  s30 Central California Aztecs - G09 4 vs.STRIKERS FC-NEWPORT MESA G09 ND1Girls 2009/10U Governors Bracket
 746166  SoCal Complex  11:45 AM  s30 LAGCV B09 Red 6 vs.Pateadores PYL B2009 Blue2Boys 2009/10U Governors Bracket
 746238  SoCal Complex  01:00 PM  s30 SD Surf Academy Boys (Guy) 2009 1F vs.Barcelona Santa Paula
Forfeited Game
0Boys 2009/10U Governors Bracket
 746252  SoCal Complex  02:15 PM  s30 Albion SC South B2009 Academy 1 3 vs.San Clemente Surf B096Boys 2009/10U Governors Bracket

  Saturday, February 09, 2019
GameVenueTimeFieldHome TeamScore Away TeamScoreFlight
 745863  SoCal Complex  11:00 AM  s30 FC Long Beach B10 - Blue 8 vs.Strikers FC North B10 Red EB0Boys 2010/9U Governors Round of 32
 745871  SoCal Complex  12:30 PM  s30 LAGSD B10 - Aquino 2 vs.CDA FC Slammers -Whittier B10 Rodriguez2Boys 2010/9U Governors Round of 32

  Sunday, February 10, 2019
GameVenueTimeFieldHome TeamScore Away TeamScoreFlight
 745879  SoCal Complex  08:00 AM  s30 Oceanside Breakers - B2010 5 vs.CDA FC Slammers -Whittier B10 Rodriguez1Boys 2010/9U Governors Round of 16