Shown below is the list of all applied teams for the 2022 State Cup Presidents Youngers tournament for the age group.


Girls 2008/14U Presidents 12 - Final Acceptance Teams
Team Name Team ID Club City Coach Appl. Status    
Celtic Shamrocks G 08 0535-01CG08-1477 Celtic Soccer 0535 - 01 Chino Bruce Campbell Final Acceptance    
Drako G08 IE 0515-01CG08-0008 Drako FC - 01 Upland Miguel Macias Final Acceptance    
Drako G2008 0515-01CG08-0001 Drako FC - 01 La Quinta Victor Polanco Final Acceptance    
Eagles Soccer Club - G2008 0720-01CG08-0408 Eagles Soccer Club Camarillo Damian Anguita Final Acceptance    
FFSC - G08 CROFT 0428-63CG08-0651 FFSC Newhall Brett Croft Final Acceptance    
FURY FC G08- SESAY 0520-01CG08-1933 Fury FC - 01 Rancho Cucamonga Israel Sesay Final Acceptance    
Hemet Juventus FC - 01 - G2008 0593-01CG08-2045 Hemet Juventus FC - 01 San Jacinto Jon Torres Final Acceptance    
NHB FC 0311-01CG08-2043 NHB Futbol Club Huntington Beach Osvaldo Martinez Final Acceptance    
Oxnard United Soccer Club 0750-01CG08-0142 Oxnard United Soccer Club Oxnard Christian Magana Final Acceptance    
Oxnard United Soccer Club Blue 0750-01CG08-0145 Oxnard United Soccer Club Oxnard Raul Yepez Final Acceptance    
Roadrunners FC- G08 0634-01CG08-2008 Roadrunner United FC Bakersfield Edgar Linares Final Acceptance    
Ventura FC Black 0709-01CG08-4261 Ventura FC - 01 Ventura William Bailey Final Acceptance    
12 Final Acceptance Teams