US Youth Soccer

2020 GVSL Spring League

Published Results
Tournament Notice:

Welcome to the 2020 GVSL Spring League!

League Notes:

Thank you for your team's upcoming participation. Please review information below. 

SCHEDULES: Schedules are now posted online. Please check your team's schedule weekly and before leaving for each game.  Last minute notices may cause schedule changes.

COACHING CONFLICTS:  In scheduling games prior to the season every effort is made to avoid coaching conflicts but sometimes cannot be resolved due to the high number of Coaches with multiple teams and fewer playing slots. Be aware that any current Cal South licensed and carded coach may coach any team in the Golden Valley Soccer League. 

REFEREE FEES: Each team pays the referees at the on field at the team check-in prior to the start of each game. The referee fee schedule for the 2020 GVSL Spring League is posted online in the Golden Valley Soccer League website.

> ROSTERS/MATCH REPORTS: The listed Head Coach or Team Manager needs to go online and print the teams Match Roster for each game.

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Boys Girls
Boys Under 13/2007   Brackets   Schedule & Results   Standings   Statistics   Cards    6/2/2020 3:31:00 AM
Boys Under 15/2005   Brackets   Schedule & Results   Standings   Statistics   Cards    6/2/2020 3:31:00 AM