US Youth Soccer
Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the BYSC REC Inter League SPRING 2019 Schedule tournament for the age group.
Inter - League U12 16 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 CH1201 - Canyon Hills - B2007 Quail Valley 0543-02RB07-1201   Blair Dalton
 CH1202 - Canyon Hills - B2007 Lake Elsinore 0543-02RB07-1202   Carlos Ladines
 CH1203 - Canyon Hills - B2007 Menifee 0543-02RB07-1203   Tracie Rodriguez
 H1201 - HTC - B2007 Riverside 0543-08RB07-1201   Brian Bannon
 H1202 - HTC - B2007 Corona 0543-08RB07-1202   Frank Calderon
 LE1201 - Lake Elsinore - B2007 Lake Elsinore 0543-07RB07-1201   Seth Delbaugh
 LE1202 - Lake Elsinore - B2007 Lake Elsinore 0543-07RB07-1202   Abraham Gonzalez
 LE1203 - Lake Elsinore - B2007 Menifee 0543-07RB07-1203   Timothy Cascario
 LE1204 - Lake Elsinore - B2007 Lake Elsinore 0543-07RB07-1204   Peter Baldwin
 LE1205 - Lake Elsinore - B2007 Lake Elsinore 0543-07RB07-1205   Hector Barrera
 LE1206 - Lake Elsinore - B2007 Temecula 0543-07RB07-1206   Michael Howard
 W1201 - Wildomar - B2007 Wildomar 0543-01RB07-1201   Vincent Herrera
 W1202 - Wildomar - B2007 Wildomar 0543-01RB07-1202   Gregorio Linan
 W1203 - Wildomar - B2007 Lake Elsinore 0543-01RB07-1203   Edgar Diaz
 W1204 - Wildomar - B2007 Wildomar 0543-01RB07-1204   Victor Rendon
 **BYE-WE **BYE WEEK - NO GAME** n/a 0543-07RB07-1299   n/a