Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2019 Cal South State Cup Presidents Youngers tournament for the age group.
Girls 2010/9U Presidents 15 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 San Diego SC
San Diego SC G2010 Navy
0115-01CG10-6110   Kenneth Daum
 A2 Slammers F.C.
Slammers FC G2010 LB
0319-01CG10-1010   Leslie Bryant
 A3 So Cal Blues
So Cal Blues - 2010 Rennie-Mulligan
0352-01CG10-9178   Robert Rennie
 B1 City SC
LAGSD G10 - Medina
0214-15CG10-9266   Gina Medina
 B2 Do Not Use
Eagles Soccer Club Youngers - G2010
0720-06CG10-0110   Tim Kelly
 B3 Liverpool FC International Academy SoCal - Do not use
LA Galaxy OC - G2010 PDA
0315-33CG10-9995   Benjamin Loughlin
 B4 Slammers F.C.
Slammers FC G2010 AA
0319-01CG10-2010   Amy Androsko
 C1 West Coast Futbol Club
OC Surf G10 Academy Nogueira
0316-01CG10-1002   Victor Nogueira
 C2 Legends FC Girls
Legends FC G10 FC
0444-01CG10-9861   Cody Shelton
 C3 Los Angeles Breakers
LA Breakers G10
0443-01CG10-9878   Jane Alukonis
 C4 Albion
Albion SC G10 Academy - Madrigal
0109-10CG10-1154   Daniel Madrigal
 D1 Juggle the World
Ole Red
0499-12CG10-0024   Walter Merino
 D2 Cerritos Regional Soccer League - 01
CDA FC Slammers - Cerritos G10 Cruz
0463-01CG10-7398   Joel Cruz
 D3 So Cal Blues
So Cal Blues - 2010 Leslie
0352-01CG10-9179   Lauren Leslie
 D4 San Diego Surf SC
SD Surf Academy Girls Select 2010
0216-01AG10-1078   Monica Dolinsky