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Event ID: 5826199
Event Name: "E" Bakersfield July 13, 14, 2013 6E137977
Event Type Coaching Education Course
Restricted: None
Requires Register: Yes
Requires Payment: Yes
Start Date: 7/13/2013
End Date: 7/14/2013
Payments Accepted:   American Express,Discover,Mastercard,Visa
Event Location:
Bakersfield College
1801 Panorama Dr
Bakersfield, CA 93305-1219

Primary Contact:
Elliott Spruell
(714) 451-1553 (Home)

The "E" License is MANDATORY for ALL competitive level coaches. This 18-hour course is the most comprehensive course offered in preparation for the USSF "D" licensing course. Only a limited number of courses are offered each year and sign up for this course must be accomplished through the State Office. This course will be limited to 45 candidates. 

•Methods of coaching
•Team Management Assignment-Choose ONE of the three prompts (Pre-course written)

•CDC Concussion (Pre-course online module)
•Coaching tactics
•Laws of the Game (Pre-course online module)
•Principles of attack and defense
•Small-sided games
•Technique (Pre-course videos)

Course Length: 18 hours total- 5 hours in classroom and 13 hours of field work.
Any candidate that fails to attend the FULL 18 hour course will be ineligible to receive their "E" license.

Course Times:

Saturday 7/13 8:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday 7/14 8:00am - 6:00pm
Meeting Location:  North Side Gymanasium Parking Lot
Cost: $25.00 per candidate
What to Bring:
•Completed pre-course work
•Notepad and pen/pencil for classroom session
•Properly inflated size 5 soccer ball
•Appropriate soccer attire and comfortable training shoes for field work
•Water/snacks, sunscreen lotion (optional), portable chair (optional)
•Lunch (optional, as you will be allowed off campus for lunch if preferred).
Cal South “E” Pre-Course Assignments:
You will be asked to complete four pre-course assignments, which can be found on .
Assignment #1:
The Essential FIFA & Modified SSG Rules. You must register and complete the “E” License Referee Assignment Part A which can be found:

Please print out the certificate at the end of "E" License Referee Assignment Part A.

Part B of Assignment #2:

Research and write a brief report on the rationale of modified small-sided games rules.
Contact your local League or soccer organization to locate the modified rules of play for the team that you coach. Read and review the modifications for the following FIFA Rules:#1 Field, #2 Ball, #3 Players, #5 Referee, #6 Assistant Referee, and #7 Duration of Game If you are not currently part of a league, please see: .

Assignment #2:

A written "Team Management Assignment". You will choose and complete 1 of the 3 prompts listed in the "Team Management" section of US Soccer's National "E" License Information webpage.

Assignment #3:
The CDC "Concussion in Youth Sports Assignment, which can be found:

Assignment #4:
Watch and compile notes on the major technical points of each of the US Youth Soccer Skills School Videos below:

Technical Topics:
•Push Pass
•In Step Drive
•Dribbling for Control
•Receiving Ground Balls

It is MANDATORY that you complete the pre course assignments and turn them into the course instructor prior to the start of the course. You are required to be in attendance for the full duration of the course and also successfully complete a practical field session.

If a Candidate receives a "Not Ready" Grade, it’s strongly recommended the candidate attend the full "E" course at zero cost before attending the “D” Course.

All pre-course work can be found at:



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